Massachusetts Needs Uniform Guardianship

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Imagine you’ve just moved to Massachusetts.  Ten years ago, after sending your children off to college, you took on the responsibility of being the legal guardian of your ailing aunt, and moved her to a facility close to your home.  You’ve now relocated to Massachusetts for a job opportunity, but once settled in the Commonwealth, you realize that your rights as your aunt’s legal guardian do not transfer to the Bay State. What do you do? When someone is incapable …

Fifty Plus Advocate: Keep Connected With Seniors During the Winter Months

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It’s wintertime in New England. For some that means skiing, hot chocolate, sledding, and cozy evenings spent sitting by a fire. For others, including many Massachusetts seniors, it means shoveling heavy wet snow, being wary when walking outdoors for fear of slipping on ice, and struggling to pay for increased fuel costs to stay warm. Add to that the isolation that winter months can bring. And for elderly Bay State residents who live alone, winter’s isolation can be especially brutal. …

Social Security Helps Keep the Economy Healthy and Vibrant

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There’s been a lot of talk about Social Security, but one thing that hasn’t come up in the conversation is the vital role it plays as an engine of the U.S. economy. Social Security benefits keep millions of families afloat and help middle-class workers stay independent after decades of labor. But there’s more: Those payments also fuel a vast amount of economic activity in Massachusetts and throughout the nation, providing a little-noted economic benefit that helps us all. In fact, …

5 Reasons Why Volunteerism is Good For You

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I see the power of the volunteer firsthand. AARP volunteers work every day to help people 50+ turn dreams into real possibilities, to strengthen communities and to fight for issues that matter to families. Here in the Bay State, our volunteers save residents money on their taxes through AARP Foundation Tax Aide. They keep our roads safe through AARP Driver Safety. They help low-income seniors remain independent in their homes through the Massachusetts Money Management program. They enroll eligible seniors …

Gardening with Mike: Late Blooming Vines

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We New Englanders love our bleeding heart perennials that reliably bloom in the late spring each year. But have you ever seen a tropical bleeding heart vine? I keep mine in the sunroom from about October 15 through May 15, and then move it outside in the warmer months.  It’s a very showy vine, with flowers that begin as you see here, white with small interior red flowers:   After the red flower drops, the larger white flower gradually turns …

At the State House: AARP Testimony on Personal Needs Allowance

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We were back at the State House this afternoon, delivering testimony in support of annual adjustment to the personal needs allowance for Medicaid-eligible nursing home residents.  A personal needs allowance helps cover basic expenses such as personal hygiene supplies and phone calls.  Read the full testimony.

At the State House: AARP Testimony on SNAP Photo ID Bill

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The following testimony was delivered today in opposition to adding a photo identification requirement on SNAP cards: TESTIMONY OF MICHAEL E. FESTA, STATE DIRECTOR AARP MASSACHUSETTS REGARDING SENATE BILL NO. 61 AN ACT RELATIVE TO WELFARE REFORM  BEFORE THE JOINT COMMITTEE ON CHILDREN AND FAMILIES   June 4, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts  Good afternoon Chairman Barrett, Chairwoman Khan and members of the committee.   My name is Michael Festa and I am the director of the Massachusetts State Office of AARP.   AARP …

PRIDE comes in all ages: LGBT Community Needs Support

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The early days of June are always a wonderfully vibrant time in Boston. It’s when we celebrate PRIDE week. AARP staff and volunteers proudly participate in the annual festival, providing resources and information to older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) residents. And now, more than ever, the needs of this aging demographic are at the forefront of our minds. The Administration on Aging reports that between 1.7 to 4 million Americans age 60 and older are LGBT. This demographic …

Frost Advisory Tonight: Gardeners Beware!

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For any garden enthusiasts who couldn’t wait to plant those frost-tender veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cukes… Run out and throw a light plastic sheet, or even a regular cloth sheet over those plants, or they might get frost killed. This applies to all inland counties, and other communities north, west and even south… For just tonight; should get warmer by tomorrow night. And next time, wait ’til Memorial Day weekend, no matter what the weather!

Gardening with Mike: Time to plant!

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  It’s been dry but beautiful weather this week, and a great time to plant snow peas, lettuce, broccoli, spinach and other cool weather crops. I’ve been growing heirloom tomatoes in the greenhouse, and today I will be putting the flats out during the day to begin the hardening off process. They won’t go in the ground until May 15 or so.  All warmer weather vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, eggplant, peppers, etc., are best planted in our …