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Valerie Disalvio is Program Specialist for Communications at AARP Ohio.
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While some are more well-known than others, Cincinnati has many traditions and beloved places and spaces, and is home to several historical markers.  Occurring every Wednesday at 9 a.m., AARP Cincinnati is teaming up with Local 12 and local historian Dan Hurley to uncover some of the most interesting and thought-provoking gems of the area. 
is your community age-friendly
Many communities are not designed to serve people of all ages. So AARP Ohio is working with local leaders and residents to help make cities, towns, and counties more “livable”. That means advocating for more green spaces, safer roads and sidewalks, reliable transportation options, affordable housing and much more.
Exercises for older drivers
Research shows that regular exercise benefits the brain in pivotal ways; “physical activity improves blood flow, memory, and reduces the chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes” (Cleveland Clinic).  To help keep your mind and body fit while social distancing, AARP Ohio has created a virtual workout series sure to invigorate you and get you smiling.  Read on to learn more!
Social Security
COLUMBUS, OHIO— A new AARP survey, released in conjunction with Social Security’s 85th anniversary, confirms that Americans highly value Social Security, and even more so due to the pandemic. The vast majority of Americans – 93% of Republicans, 99% of Democrats, and 92% of Independents – see Social Security as an important government program, and 56% believe it is even more important for retirees in light of the coronavirus pandemic. In a letter sent yesterday to President Trump, AARP asked him to explain his plan to replace Social Security funding.
you can help
AARP is intensifying its efforts to protect the lives of nursing home residents and staff. Recently, we have developed a five point plan to prevent further COVID-19 deaths in the nation’s nursing homes and need to communicate this plan to Congress as soon as possible before they leave on August recess. More than 56,000 people living and working in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the United States have died as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and Governor DeWine informed us that Ohio is experiencing a record increase of COVID-19 cases. It is extremely important that nursing homes adjust their safety precautions accordingly with the recent spike in cases across the nation. Read on to learn about AARP’s Five Point Plan to ensure the health and wellness of residents, families and staff.
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Quarantine has made it especially difficult to eat right and exercise effectively; ordering food online is safe and easy but not always nutritious, and working out at a gym may be putting one’s health at risk.  While some restaurants and businesses are open, it’s important to recognize that Ohioans must continue to socially distance as much as possible for everyone’s safety.  AARP Ohio has developed two virtual series to help you change up your quarantine diet and workout routine.  Read on to learn about how our virtual offerings can contribute to positive lifestyle changes!
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Nursing homes are beginning to resume in-person visitation as coronavirus restrictions relax across several states. Governor DeWine announced that outdoor visits will be allowed at nursing homes and assisted living facilities who meet certain requirements as early as July 20, and AARP Ohio wants to ensure that all precautions are being taken in response to this change. It is important to recognize that there will be new limitations on when, where, and for how long you can visit your loved one. AARP has put together five key questions that you should ask nursing homes and long-term care facilities before visiting your loved ones that will protect all residents, staff and visitors.
We need you
This week, AARP Ohio advocacy volunteers and staff have had the chance to connect with state legislators to promote our legislative recommendations before the General Assembly disperses for summer recess at the end of the month. There are currently several bills in play that could strip rights away from nursing home residents, affect how we vote in the November elections, remove barriers to critical utilities for Ohioans living in rural communities, and stop unfair surprise medical billing.
AARP Ohio released written testimony, along with the following statement from State Director Holly Holtzen, PhD, on House Bill 606 and Senate Bill 308, companion legislation bills under consideration this week in the Ohio House of Representatives Civil Justice Committees and the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee:
Michele Abrams holds her 2019 crystal Andrus Award
AARP founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, urged 50+ individuals to redefine the aging process and engage in “the great army of service.” She asserted that by volunteering in their communities, older adults can inspire changes that will collectively strengthen the voice of the aging population.
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