One fan section at the AT&T Center is unlike any other. Black and silver face paint proliferates the crowd. Pom-poms shake in the air. The infectious enthusiasm is palpable. It’s nearly impossible to not to root for the San Antonio Spurs when you are among the storied Baseline Bums fan group.

Yet again this season, AARP is partnered with the San Antonio Spurs and their boisterous Baseline Bums to offer two tickets and a parking pass to select Spurs home games in the loudest and proudest section in the house.

Watching the Spurs play alongside the Baseline Bums is an experience like none other. These die-hard fans have been around for more than 40 years, and their passion for their Spurs has only grown.

Through thick and thin, the Baseline Bums are proud ambassadors of the organization; they look to not only cheer on their favorite team, they also look to better their community. To become a Baseline Bum, you have to, of course, be a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, and a loud and enthusiastic one at that, but you also have to give back. Baseline Bums are required devote time to serve the community each year.

Come out, have fun, and see just for yourself why the Baseline Bums are one of the best fan groups in NBA history.

If you’re ready to “be a Baseline Bum for a night,” enter for a chance to win.

Still need more convincing? Check out just a few of the past winners.