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If you’re over 50 and need assistance understanding or organizing your finances, take advantage of AARP ElderWatch’s new, virtual peer to peer financial counseling program.
AARP ElderWatch
The internet has turned into an even more critical tool to stay in touch with friends/family, conduct business, shop and get information. Scammers are also online looking for new ways of getting personal and financial information. Take proper precautions to keep your information safe and money in your pocket by avoiding these common scams:
Covid Vaccine Trial
En español | WASHINGTON—AARP Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer Nancy A. LeaMond issued the following statement in response to ongoing COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning and implementation:
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First with one eye, now with none, 78 year old Nick Isenberg of Glenwood Springs has spent most of his life as a communicator, practicing what he calls “empowerment journalism.” Now, through his award-winning podcast, The Tactile Traveler, Isenberg seeks to “empower blind people to see the world and help sighted people see the world in a new way.”
Nursing home staff and resident
AARP leaders nationwide will meet remotely with Senate, House offices, as COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes surpass 101,000
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Join AARP ElderWatch, with the Colorado Attorney General's Office, for this informative program to warn Spanish-speaking Coloradans about fraud and scams throughout the state and how you can spot them and protect yourself and your family from being victimized.
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About 30% of Coloradans in a new poll say they can't afford regular meals, a rate that's tripled since the start of COVID-19. And hunger-fighting advocates are urging lawmakers to increase food assistance programs to help.
AARP Colorado sponsors "Run Red Walk" and Q&A with filmmaker Melissa Henry as part of the 2020 Indigenous Film & Arts Festival
As this challenging, complicated, and confusing year draws to a close, I hear comments about how it can’t happen fast enough. I agree, except in one very important regard. That is the amazing amount of encouraging news coming from the Alzheimer’s and dementia scientific and medical community. 
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