This past weekend, I participated in a walk to raise money for breast cancer research, resources, and awareness.
Barbara Baroff Kavanagh, MSW, LCSW
For many families, the end of August signals the end of summer vacations, back to school and back to ‘work’until the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
This past weekend proved to be frightening for the furry members of our family.
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Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one can be a 24/7 job that is emotionally, physically and financially difficult. That’s why AARP works tirelessly to support family caregivers, striving to make your big responsibilities a little bit easier.
Unplug from much of the recent noise of Life and instead to reconnect with the meaningful moments too often missed when pedaling fast.
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Thank you for checking out our Care-FULL Conversation Resources.  The videos are to provide information to help benefit the caregiver and care receiver.
Throughout the journey of caregiving, well- defined and well-managed personal boundaries are a blessing to caregivers and care receivers. Boundaries are necessary behavioral constructs if we are to have healthy relationships with other people. We need to be aware of where we end and the other person begins. Boundaries serve to protect both persons, honoring and respecting each individual. Well-conceived and well-managed boundaries are ultimately a blessing to all involved in the journey of caregiving. Please join us to learn how to establish, to manage, and to maintain mutually beneficial boundaries within your family and with clients or service providers.  Please register online.
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There are moments within the caregiving experience after which everything changes. A game changer. A tipping point. This is often an unwelcome, unanticipated wake-up call that requires a response from caregivers and care receivers—a change in plans or perhaps an increased level of care. While tipping points come in a variety of guises, all tipping points precipitate a caregiving crisis that necessitates a change in the plan of care.
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One of the more challenging aspects of aging, illness, and caregiving is lack/loss of control. Granted, we like to believe we are in control. We love the illusion of control. But the reality is this—there are some things beyond our control. So, focus your time, attention, and energy on aspects of the journey you can affect. You and yours will be much better served in the long run.
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As we all know, the journey of caregiving is comprised of twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Dealing with the changing landscape is challenging indeed. Perhaps by realizing that everything is temporary, we would be more tolerant of the bad times and more appreciative of the good times. A perspective certainly worthy of consideration.
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