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At some point, we will all need someone to help us. This might be provided by family members, friends, neighbors, professional caregivers or all of the above. Some of us have many people to turn to, others, not as many. This program will help you think through future caregiving needs in an effective way.  Many wonderful online resources and other strategies will be explored including CareMaps, Lotsa Helping Hands, and Caring Bridge to identify and help you create future care options. This will be a fascinating way to assess your current “circle of care” and learn how to enhance it – before you need it.   This will be led by Jane W. Barton, Author of Caregiving for the GENIUS, and an AARP Caregiving Ambassador.   There are two times to choose from:
Please join us for a caregiving workshop presented by Atlas of Caregiving on September 6 or 7, 2017.
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