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A new analysis shows Social Security and Medicare cuts could increase poverty among older Coloradans as the supplemental poverty measure finds more seniors are struggling in Colorado.
Chained CPI
A recent AARP study shows that about 90 percent of Colorado’s Latino residents, who are 50 and older, said it is “extremely” or “very” important that Social Security benefits are there when they need them.
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AARP Colorado released new survey results that show 68 percent of older Colorado voters would be considerably less favorable to their member of Congress or Senator if the member voted for a chained or superlative CPI proposal, expected to be in the President’s budget proposal this week. The survey shows that 81 percent of Colorado voters age 50+ also oppose the highly unpopular idea of reducing Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit. AARP also released a national survey that could indicate how a vote for benefit cuts could impact House and Senate races across the nation.
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By A.W. Schnellbacher
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