The holidays and the end of the year are upon us, which means it is time for giving. In a recent survey, the AARP Foundation ElderWatch found that while 80 percent of Coloradans give to charity, 46 percent of those who gave made contributions without verifying the legitimacy of the charity. Before you give, take these simple steps to ensure the money you are donating is going to the intended cause:
Flooded home
It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were facing the worst flooding this state has ever seen.  The state office reacted quickly, establishing contact with FEMA to see what we could do to support their efforts and inform our membership of relief services to those impacted and volunteer opportunities for those who want to assist.  AARP also made a generous donation of $25,000.00 to the Red Cross to help with flood relief efforts.  Although time has passed, clean up activities from an event like this takes a great deal of time, and the uncertainty can cause physical and emotional duress.  There are some resources still at your disposal about which we wanted to make sure you were aware:  Here are some groups highlighted by the Denver Post which are assisting flood victims:
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