The holiday season offers opportunities to reflect on all that is good in our lives, and how we can give back to those less fortunate.  We’ve all seen the red kettles and bell ringers outside local grocery stores or heard about local soup kitchens serving up holiday dinners.  Volunteers like these are motivated to be agents for change in their communities, and many will say that community service defines who they are.  However, these individuals often experience significant health and emotional benefits as well.  Staying actively engaged in life through activities like volunteering or building meaningful, caring relationships with the elderly in our communities can help in sustaining a healthier lifestyle, which in turn offers a host of physical, mental, and social benefits.
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What is a crisis? It is anything that changes an individual’s emotional or physical path. Isn’t that just about everything that happens to us on a daily basis?
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You know important tre nds that have happened related to increasing longevity, rapid technological change, and globalization. You know that the average lifespan has increased substantially. The biological and cultural evolution has provided the opportunity to really develop a good basis for wisdom in the later part of adulthood.
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