Pet Food Drive

Happy Attractive Senior Woman with Puppy Isolated on a White Background.
Colorado is a state filled with pet lovers.  According to Forbes Magazine, Colorado Springs ranks in the Top 20 communities of pet owners and a walk through any Colorado Farmer’s Market provides plenty of anecdotal confirmation!  Another bit of interesting trivia, according to a pet calculator provided by the American Veterinarian Medicine Association there are approximately 1.3 million pets in Colorado. When one looks at this data under the lens of a recently released AARP Foundation report that found 8.8 million Americans 50 and older are at risk of hunger, including 4.9 million 50- to 59-year-olds, one can see a correlation between a pet owner’s food insecurity and issues with attaining their pet supplies.
Once again, AARP Colorado is working with The GLBT Center and Pets Are Wonderful Support (P.A.W.S.) Colorado to provide for the companion animals of older adults, people with disabilities and those facing life-challenging illnesses.
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