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Delaware is home to a growing influx of people age 50-plus who want to enjoy their next chapter of life. They seek out the state’s beaches, great restaurants and a close proximity to major cities. They believe their futures are financially sound in the First State, and that they will have a high quality of life. But this burgeoning population has something to worry about - a loophole in the law that could be sapping up to 5 years’ worth of their retirement income.
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Top Financial Expert Conducts AARP Financial Resilience Session
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Do you want a secure retirement? Are you ready to achieve financial resilience as you venture into your next chapter of life? Then you might want to enjoy an AARP Financial Freedom workshop!
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AARP Leadership convened this week in Wilmington, Delaware to discuss issues affecting older Delawareans statewide. Delaware is aging faster than most states and a need exists to ensure the state’s aging population will age with independence and success.
Jean Setzfand joined Delaware's Secretary of Health and Social Svcs Rita Landgraf and state office staff and volunteers for dinner during her visit to Delaware
AARP’s Vice President for Financial Security Jean Setzfand joined the Delaware State Office in October for two days of interviews, meetings and workshops designed to educate Delawareans on the value of planning for retirement and the many options and tools available to consumers from AARP.
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