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Fun facts about AARP and AARP Michigan:

 Q: How many members does AARP Michigan have?

 A: 1.4 million

 Q: What is the AARP Foundation’s free tax preparation service called?

 A: Tax Aide

 Q: How many taxpayers in Michigan are helped by Tax Aide each year:

 A: More than 70,000

 Q: Who is the founder of AARP?

 A: Ethel Percy Andrus

 Q: What is the largest circulation magazine in the world?

 A: AARP The Magazine – 37 million

 Q: How many Michiganders receive Social Security?

 A: 1.9 million

 Q: How many Michiganders receive Medicare benefits?

 A: 1.4 million

 Q: What is the name of the AARP program that teaches defensive driving skills to older adults?

 A: Driver Safety Program

 Q: How many volunteers help AARP Michigan achieve its social mission?

 A: About 250

 Q: Who is the Volunteer President of AARP Michigan:

 A: Thomas E. Kimble of Clarkston


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