Distracted Driving 101: It May Save Your Life

Making a call on your phone. Changing the radio station. Turning to talk to kids in the back seat. These are minor tasks, but distracted driving can lead to the same devastating results as driving under the influence. Are your habits—or those of your loved one—putting you at risk? Now you can do something about it. Register now for the AARP webinar, Distracted Driving 101 on April 25, 2017 at 4 p.m. PT, and learn the simple tips that are proven to help you avoid distractions.

You’ll also learn how new technologies can help you stay safer on the road, with a preview of AARP’s Smart DriverTEK workshop! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered by safe driving experts. Make the decision now to stop distracted driving.

Don’t delay, register today! Can’t make it live? Register and a link will be sent to you when the webinar is complete.

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