RALEIGH — AARP North Carolina has serious concerns about the state Senate budget proposal that reduces funding for key services that help the needy, support older adults who want to stay in their homes as well as support their family caregivers.  A proposed $969,549 reduction* from the Home and Community Care Block Grant will result in cuts to services that already have waiting lists of over 16,000 people for services including home-delivered meals and in home aide.

AARP North Carolina Associate State Director Mary Bethel explains, “This is not only a serious setback to older adults and their family caregivers, the loss of funding puts more people at risk of having to resort to more expensive care settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.”

Bethel said AARP is also worried that a proposal to eliminate Medicaid eligibility for 11,886 older and disabled adults will greatly impact their ability to get the care they need.

She said, “Currently in North Carolina, there are 3,342 older blind or disabled people, including children and families, who receive Medicaid because they are medically needy. Without this support, their medical expenses will overwhelm them, creating great economic hardships.”

Because there are so many family caregivers in the state, Bethel said AARP’s growing network of AARP members who are “legislative advocates,” have made this issue their top priority.

*details of these cuts provided in the attachment    DSCN1320 (3)2015Budget Concerns