AARP Connecticut State Director Nora Duncan provided the following statement in regards to the budget proposal released by the Malloy Administration today and the potential negative impact it may have on our senior residents:

“Governor Malloy unveiled a budget blueprint that includes detrimental cuts to the core services for our seniors and places the burden from years of bad budget decisions onto the shoulders of our most vulnerable,” Duncan said. “AARP calls on legislative leaders from both parties to stand up against the harmful cuts to the programs that keep our seniors safe at home – where they want to be and where it is more cost efficient for the taxpayers. We cannot walk away from the fundamental principles that make Connecticut the state we love. We understand sacrifice is needed, but how much more pain should our senior residents have to face?”

Year after year, Connecticut seniors take a beating. Governor Malloy and legislative leaders, how much more must Connecticut seniors take?

• 2009 New Copay added to CT Home Care Services for Elders
• 2011 Copay increased (7%)
• 2015 Copay increased again (9%)
• 2015 State-funded home care for seniors at risk of nursing home care CLOSED
• 2015 Alzheimer’s respite care cut
• 2016 Alzheimer’s respite care cut AGAIN
• 2017 $6 Million in Aging-in-Place funding CANCELLED
• 2017 Elimination of care for seniors at risk of nursing home care
• 2017 Enrollment Cap and waitlist proposed for CT Home Care services for vulnerable seniors at nursing home level of need

And now, the Governor is proposing even deeper cuts to senior programs:

• Elimination of Community First Choice programs that provides personal care assistance to frail seniors and people with disabilities who want to live independently in the community.
• Elimination of fast track to help seniors qualify for services under the home care program
• Additional cuts to the Alzheimer’s Respite Care for family caregivers
• Additional cuts for prescription drugs

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