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I learned how Social Security fits into my retirement plan. What will you learn?

What role does Social Security play in your income strategy?
What will you learn at our free webinar?

Thursday, April 22, 7p.m. ET & 7p.m. PT


When it comes to your retirement income strategy, planning ahead is the best policy—so now’s the time to explore the role Social Security benefits play in yours. Catch our free webinar all about Social Security and how to count your benefits into retirement income. Together, we’ll explore how much the average retiree can expect from Social Security benefits, how politics and your personal work history factor in, and resources that can help you plan for a healthy financial future. Plus, you could schedule a live one-on-one call with a volunteer Certified Financial Planner® Professional.*

Get answers to all your pressing questions, including:
-How much can I count on Social Security?
-How does my/my spouse’s work history impact benefits?
-How can I identify Social Security scams?
And more.

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