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Boise, ID -- New analysis conducted by AARP shows that 806,000 Idaho workers who are paying into Social Security today stand to lose 25 percent of their benefits if the President and Congress don’t act.
Over 50% of those 65+ in the US rely on Social Security for most of their family income.  Though America has evolved over the last 80 years, Social Security has not.  With no change to current policy and spending, Social Security can only continue to pay out full benefits until 2034.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a new AARP survey released today, 8 in 10 say that taking a stand on Social Security is a basic threshold for Presidential leadership. The survey of likely voters age 50+ also shows nearly 40% are dissatisfied with their retirement savings and nearly half of voters worry they won’t be able to achieve their financial goals over the next five years (49%).  4 in 10 (40%) still don’t know for certain which party’s presidential candidate they’ll choose in the 2016 general election.
WASHINGTON, DC – AARP volunteers and staff from Idaho and every other state in the nation visited Capitol Hill today to express opposition to the President’s proposed Social Security benefit cut known as Chained CPI and to support responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare for Idahoans. Meeting with Senators Mike Crapo and James Risch and  Representatives Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson and their staff, AARP volunteers urged our representatives to have a separate debate on Social Security and to back specific proposals that would strengthen Medicare and the health care system overall.
What the fiscal cliff means for Idahoans
With the December 31 st deadline to address expiring tax and spending cuts looming, many people across the nation and here in Idaho are left wondering what Washington’s budget debate means for them. Unfortunately, some in Washington are considering making changes to Medicare and Social Security through a year-end budget deal. AARP is providing a breakdown of the impact a shortsighted budget deal could have on the health and retirement security of Idaho seniors and their kids and grand-kids.
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