illinois state budget

Illinois State Capitol
Illinois finally has a budget after far too long without one. There were many consequences for the delay in pushing a balanced budget through.
The Illinois General Assembly and Governor Rauner will now have to now work through June on a budget solution -- with no certainty that they will pass by the end of the fiscal year, June 30.
Wednesday, May 17 th, AARP Illinois along with Illinois Public Media and NPR Illinois hosted an Illinois Issues Forum entitled State Budget: Past Due on the state budget impasse in Champaign, Illinois.  The 2 nd of an 11 part series allows Illinois residents who have been directly impacted to discuss the burden the lack of a balanced budget has placed on their community.
Thursday, April 27 th, Approximately 150 Illinois attended the first AARP Illinois-NPR Illinois town hall on the state budget forum entitled: State Budget: Past Due.  This event held at the Wyndham: Springfield Center is a key component of our Enough is Enough campaign.
AARP Illinois Enough is Enough advocacy campaign is in full swing, and on Thursday, April 27th, we will host along with NPR Illinois our first Town Hall Forum – in Springfield.  Our mission is to put pressure on elected officials to come up with plans that once and for all fix Illinois’ prolonged fiscal crisis.
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