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It’s that time of year again – back to school! For most of us in the United States, receiving a formal education is assumed. Some of us even continue to achieve advanced degrees, and go on to hold cognitively challenging jobs. But we can’t stop after we walk across the stage to receive our diploma. Lifelong learning – and the kind of highly educated lifestyle that comes with it – is good for the brain!  Not only can education increase our likelihood of higher living standards (less stress, better quality food and better quality of life), it also decreases our likelihood of developing dementia as we age.
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By Dr. Smita Patel
Susannah Spiess - 5x7 print
By Susannah Spiess, MD
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It’s that time of year when exercise is top of everyone’s mind. New Year’s health resolutions continue to swirl, a new fitness trend catches on every day, and the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. The benefits of regular fitness are widely known, but less discussed are the dangers of excessive exercise
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January can represent new beginnings and renewed purpose. With that in mind, consider my top five ways to maintain and improve your brain health throughout 2018.
Susannah Spiess - 5x7 print
By Dr. Susannah Spiess, MD
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