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AARP Iowa relies on its Grass Roots Election and Advocacy Team (GREAT) volunteers to be the boots on the ground across the state, telling lawmakers about legislation and policy concerns.
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More than 500 Iowans from across the state participated in our recent series of voter engagement Social Security solutions forums to discuss the importance of Social Security in the 2016 election and to the economic security of Iowans for generations to come.
social security
Politicians are not likely to make plans to update Social Security unless voters ask them to do so. That’s why AARP opened an office in Des Moines—to serve as a hub for efforts to hold presidential and congressional candidates accountable for explaining how they would keep Social Security financially sound for current and future generations.
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AARP Launches New Ads, Sponsors Debates, Urges Social Security Question
Thanks to the more than 4,500 Iowa State Fair goers who stopped by the AARP Take A Stand booth to show their support for the future of Social Security during our celebration of Social Security's 81st anniversary.
Iowans are invited to attend an upcoming Social Security solutions forum in their community this fall to discuss the importance of Social Security to the economic security of Iowans for generations to come.
At a recent Trump campaign event at the DoubleTree Convention Complex in Cedar Rapids, voters on both sides of the aisle eagerly discussed the future of Social Security.
AARP Iowa is proud to introduce the 2016 Take a Stand Iowa field team. The  Take a Stand campaign is candidates to Take a Stand on Social Security and form a plan to update it, not just for current beneficiaries, but for their children and grandchildren, and is inviting Iowans to get involved in the effort.  Meet the team:
As the 2016 general election moves into high gear, AARP is mobilizing members and voters in Iowa and across the country to demand that all candidates have a plan to update Social Security for current and future citizens. Without updates for future sustainability, the benefits Social Security provides will drastically decrease for recipients by 2034, potentially by as much as $10,000 a year.
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