Young and senior women holding handsAARP Colorado is featuring The Caregiver’s Cairn: A Roadmap to Caregiving, a new and very valuable caregiving blog written by Jane Barton and packed with information about caring for you, while you care for a loved one.  Join us each month for a new topic on caregiving, brought to you by Jane Barton.


April 2019:  Seasonal Changes
February 2019:  A Grace-FULL Ending


December 2018:  The Gift of Life
November 2018:  The End
October 2018:  Changing of Seasons
September 2018:  How Has LIFE Changed You?
August 2018:  What Do You Expect?
July 2018:  Helpless But NOT Hopeless
June 2018:  Captivating Goodbyes
May 2018:  Time to Remember
April 2018:  What If
March 2018:  A Lesson in Courage and Grace
February 2018:  Caregiving Takes Center StageDecember Reflections
January 2018:  A New Year—New Opportunities


December 2017:  December Reflections
November 2017:  I LOVE Caregivers!
October 2017: CareMaps—A Catalyst for Conversations About Care
September 2017: Hurricane Harvey—The Stories
August 2017: When The Journey Ends
July 2017:  Medical Roller Coaster
June 2017:  Gratitude is a Life Changing Attitude
May 2017: Caregiving Takes a Village
April 2017:  On the Road Again
March 2017:  Eager to Learn
February 2017: We Need More “Happy”
January 2017: Great Expectations


December 2016: Let HOPE Light the Way
November 2016: November—National Hospice and Palliative Care Mont
October 2016: Be Curious About Life
August 2016:  Take 5
July 2016:  Prepare for a Blowout!
June 2016:  Caregiving- A Colorado Concern
May 2016:  Spring Cleaning
April 2016:  Called to Witness
March 2016:  The Power of Presence
February 2016:  The Caregiver’s Cairn: How Can I Thank You?
January 2016: New Year, New Opportunities


December 2015: Holiday Blues Revisited
November 2015: It’s Time
October 2015: Pay Attention
September 2015: Beach Time
August 2015: Attitude is Everything
July 2015:  Lazy Days of Summer
June 2015:  Aging-What a Ride
May 2015:  Caregiving Educational Events-Wray Colorado
April 2015:  Spring-Images of Caregiving
March 2015:  Ya Gotta Laugh!
February 2015:  Caregiving Lessons from Our Critters
January 2015:  New Year, New View


December 2014:  Holiday Blues
November 2014:  The Power of Stories
October 2014:  Grief Savvy
September 2014: Fall Reflections on Caregiving
August 2014: Got Bounce
July 2014: Boundaries – Know Your Limits
June 2014: Long-Distance Caregiving
May 2014: Goals of Care
April 2014: Take a Break
February 2014: Legacies of Care
January 2014: New Year’s Resolution


December 2013: Holiday Reflections
November 2013:  Hospice Is About Hope
October 2013:  What does it mean?
September 2013:  The Art of Receiving
August 2013:  The Kitchen Table Chat
July 2013:  Got Guilt?
June 2013: The Last One Standing
May 2013:  Critter Care
April 2013:  Ignorance is NOT Bliss!
March 2013: The Family Challenge of Aging and Illness
February 2013:  Who Will Care for Me?

JB2Jane W. Barton, MTS, MASM is a Passionate Speaker, Writer, and Listener

Jane is by nature an educator, storyteller, and listener. These gifts and abilities serve her well in the process of creating relevant, captivating, and transformational programs. She distills complex issues into accessible, easily understood elements using metaphors, images, and narratives thus bringing the topics to life. By accessing, reviewing, and integrating the work of respected authorities, past and present, Jane provides rich, provocative, and enlightening programs. Most importantly, Jane relates the information to the lived experience of serious illness, disability, and aging. Education, whether speaking or writing, must be more than an academic exercise to be effective. Having listened to countless people dealing with the challenges of illness, disability, and aging, Jane knows her audience and artfully crafts her transformational message.

Jane’s professional journey has been interesting, to say the very least. Jane served as the Director of Education for the Life Quality Institute (LQI) from 2005- March, 2011 where she created and presented educational programs to community members, healthcare providers, and national audiences for the purpose of improving the lived experience of those persons and families challenged by serious, advanced, or terminal illnesses. She began her career in hospice and palliative care at The Denver Hospice in 2004 as a chaplain intern. She has worked as a chaplain, bereavement facilitator, and director of education. Prior to her seminary and hospice work, Jane worked as a petroleum exploration geologist/geological manager for 16 years followed by three years in financial services.

In May of 2003, she completed her Master of Theological Studies at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado followed by the completion of a Master of Arts in Specialized Ministry (Pastoral Care) in 2008. Additionally, she is certified as a spiritual director through the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program.