This year’s elections are some of the most important of our lifetimes. Why? Because Medicare, Social Security, healthcare and other critical issues are on the line.

Help us send a strong message to candidates and politicians this election.  Make a pledge to VOTE.

AARP’s Be The Difference. Vote. campaign encourages all Mainers to make their voices heard.  What are the issues of concern to you and to your family?  Every vote counts, and together, Mainers can hold politicians accountable regarding the issues that matter.

Steps you can take:

Sign AARP’s online pledge today and share it with your friends and family: www.aarp.org/Pledge2Vote

Read our issue briefs, below, so you know the latest on these critical issues.

Please remember that your vote matters.  The power of voters 50 and older to make a difference in the 2018 elections should not be underestimated.

Check out our issue briefs:

Social Security: Keep it Strong for Future Generations

Prescription Drugs: Demand Lower Prices

Medicare Must Be Preserved and Strengthened

Medicaid: Preserve This Vital Lifeline

Family Caregivers Must Be Supported






Be The Difference will offer multi-media information to Maine voters as to where candidates stand on these and other issues to help us hold politicians accountable for their positions this November.  Ready to learn more about our non-partisan voter engagement work in Maine? Send a note to me@aarp.org to learn how you can get involved and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @aarpmaine

We look forward to hearing from you!