AARP released a new report today (October 28, 2020) exploring the impact of identity fraud on U.S. adults aged 55+ and how technology may play a role in consumers’ ability to protect themselves from financial harm. The report, “Identity Fraud in Three Acts,” developed by Javelin Strategy & Research and sponsored by AARP, shows that 26% of Americans aged 55+ have been victims of identity fraud. However, more are taking additional precautions to prevent losses of personal information: 29% have placed credit freezes on their credit bureau information following an identity theft incident, and more than half have enrolled in identity protection or credit monitoring services.
On Wednesday, August 19 at 10:30 a.m. join AARP Kansas and the Better Business Bureau for a free webinar and learn how to protect yourself and your family online. Small steps make a difference in using the internet safely and securely and this is your opportunity to hear from an expert.
Scammers work hard to get us in a heightened emotional state where decision-making is compromised. Con artists refer to this as getting their targets “under the ether.”
Beware of holiday scams!
Consumer fraud schemes escalate each year during the holidays, and a new research report, “Seasons Cheatings,” from the AARP Fraud Watch Network finds that a significant number of consumers are at risk of becoming victimized by common seasonal scams.
Learn about ways to protect yourself and your loved ones at our free, two-part webinar.
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As a major federal government initiative is underway to issue new identification cards to the Medicare beneficiaries in Kansas and nationwide, an AARP survey finds that a majority of those enrollees are at risk of being victimized by fraud schemes designed to capitalize on the card replacement program.
aarp fraud watch network
The AARP Fraud Watch Network brings fraud-fighting efforts to consumers nationwide in “Operation: Stop Scams”-- a month-long series of events in communities coast-to-coast, as AARP state organizations sponsor more than 150 free local events in nearly every state and the District of Columbia from in April and May, 2017. 
Nearly 16,000 Kansans reported they were victims of fraud in 2015, according to the Federal Trade Commission, but consumers can learn how to protect themselves, thanks to the AARP Fraud Watch Network.
Millions of Americans lose billions of dollars to scams and fraud each day. Every day criminals become more sophisticated in how they separate you from your hard earned savings, using fear, greed, and urgency to push the “right” buttons in people to get them to open their wallets. Unfortunately, Kansas is among those whose citizens’ lives have been turned upside down because of fraud. AARP Kansas is providing information about how to safeguard against identity theft and other forms of fraud and scams through the AARP Fraud Watch Network.  The Fraud Watch Network has a number of tools and activities to help protect you and your family from con artists. The information is free to everyone, members, non-members and people of all ages.
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