As data breach incidents proliferate, a new AARP survey finds that that an alarming number of Kentucky residents have failed to take the basic precautions against identity fraud.  In response, AARP Kentucky and the AARP Fraud Watch Network launched a campaign to raise awareness of identity theft risks and educate consumers on how to enhance the safety of their personal information.
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AARP Live: Don't Get Scammed!
Think you’re too smart to fall for an online scam? A new AARP survey aimed to find out why some people fall for internet fraud while others do not and the results are alarming. It turns out it’s not just what you do on the online, but your life experiences off-line that can make you an easy target for scammers.
Serving Kentucky and Fighting for You  - 2014 Legislative Agenda
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Big Rivers Electric Corporation says it needs higher rates: Tell the Public Service Commission – What You Need!
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