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Trained, Tested and Open for Business: Kentucky Tax-Aide Volunteers are Ready to Help
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In the final two days of Kentucky's 2013 General Assembly, there is talk today of a last minute deal that could cut benefits for today's retirees and near-retirees.
Veterans in Ohio County
Kentucky Volunteers Take Message to Members of Congress - at Home:
2013 General Assembly - AARP Kentucky Statement: Preserve Public Pensions
Hill Visits 2012
AARP Kentucky staff and volunteer Charlotte Whittaker met with Senators McConnell and Paul, Representatives Guthrie, Massie, Yarmuth, Whitfield (or their staff) and other key members of Congress involved in the lame duck discussions to avert a so-called “fiscal cliff”.   From across the country, AARP brought key state volunteers and staff together on Capitol Hill to urge high ranking members of Congress not to reduce Social Security or Medicare benefits in any end of year deal. With regard to both Medicare and Medicaid they told members of Congress that simply reducing government expenditures by shifting costs does not lower the cost of health care—it merely shifts the cost to beneficiaries and other payers.
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