chained CPI

MoC Boustany Mike Thompson
State Director Nancy McPherson and volunteer State President Brenda Hatfield along with AARP volunteers and staff from every other state in the nation visited Capitol Hill today.  They are expressing their opposition to the President’s proposed Social Security benefit cut known as Chained CPI and to support responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare for Louisianans.
Today AARP Louisiana released new survey results that show 66 percent of older Louisiana voters would be considerably less favorable to their member of Congress or Senator if the member voted for a chained or superlative CPI proposal, expected to be in the President’s budget proposal this week.  The survey shows that 87 percent of Louisiana voters age 50+ also oppose the highly unpopular idea of reducing Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit.  AARP also released a national survey  that could indicate how a vote for benefit cuts could impact House and Senate races across the nation.
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