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Add your name to reach 81,000 anniversary card signatures

SS Birthday Balloons
Eighty-one years ago, something extraordinary happened. Politicians from both sides of the aisle came together and changed the lives of millions of Americans by creating Social Security.

Will you join the party? Sign our birthday card today – we'll be sending it to our presidential candidates and legislators on Capitol Hill, so they can see how many Americans are counting on them to keep the program strong for our kids and grandkids.

There's no better way to celebrate Social Security's 81st birthday than by making sure it has many more birthdays to come – by reminding our elected officials of what's possible when they put the needs of our families ahead of party differences.

That's why we'll be delivering your signature directly to leaders in Washington – so they know just how many Americans love and rely on Social Security. Help us send them a big message, and celebrate this birthday in style. Be one of the 81,000 signatures we need – sign the card with one click today!

Once you've added your name, don't forget to ask your friends and family to join you! Together, we can keep Social Security strong for future generations. Thanks for joining in.
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