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Landlines are Lifelines

Boffeli, Seth
Hundreds of Mainers have joined the effort to protect affordable, reliable landline service in Maine.

We need YOUR HELP to spread the word making sure everyone understands the importance of this effort.

The more we reach, the greater our voices will be in Augusta. Here's what you can do right now to help:

1. Forward the email below: We've put together a short email that you can use, edit, or write your own. Forward it to a neighbor, friend or family member to strengthen our effort to make sure all Mainers have access to reliable and affordable landline phone service, no matter where they live.

2. Post on social media: Not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, but if you are here are two pre-written status updates (or posts) you can copy and paste:

Facebook: "Our landlines are our lifelines. Will you join me in making sure all Mainers have access to reliable and affordable landline telephones? SaveOurLandlines"

Twitter: Our landlines are lifelines! Don't let Fairpoint walk out on #Maine!  SaveOurLandlines #mepolitics

3. Distribute petitions to your friends and neighbors: Print, or call our office to request petitions in the mail. You can reach us at 1-866-554-5380.

Here's the email you can use to help spread the word:

Dear Friends,
What would you do without a landline telephone? I believe that wherever you live, you have the right to reliable, affordable landline phone service. FairPoint wants to change this.
Landlines are lifelines in Maine. In an emergency or power outage, when we need police, fire, or ambulance we depend on a landline. To talk to our kids and grandkids, we depend on a landline.
Want to save Maine's landline telephones? JOIN me by signing your name today:
With your help, we can make sure all Mainers have the reliable phone lines they need to stay safe and connected to their community.


That's it. Anything you can do will help and each person you reach will be one more fighting for the right to have reliable and affordable landlines phone service in Maine.

Thanks for adding your voice! And thank you for helping spread the word.

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