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Aging Fearlessly: Insights and Hints from the Front Lines of Aging in Maine

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Volunteer Blog: “Aging Fearlessly in Maine.” Read each installment here!
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Friendships can lead to better physical health, better mental health.
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Are art and creativity important as we age? Or is this just another sector clamoring for attention as the next best thing to help us keep our synapses snapping?
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Until recently I didn't know that "brain health" was a legitimate topic rather than a cynical ploy by advertisers to sell over-the-counter supplements.
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In my last post I mentioned volunteering as an example of a "strong purpose" that can lead to a longer life.
"The Connection Between Purpose and Longevity: How do you know if your purpose is strong enough to reap the benefits? Do you need to have a strong purpose throughout your life or just in your golden years? I didn't find answers to all these questions, but a few sources mentioned that a strong purpose might include interacting with grandchildren, volunteering, learning new skills, and living a life motivated by your values and goals."
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I never contemplated what it would be like to grow old. Life was always so full and interesting that I was too busy to think ahead. When my husband, Don, and I retired to Deer Isle in 1997, I was 53 and looked forward to the many adventures we would have in Maine. But life has a way of forcing you to deal with issues for which you are unprepared, and experiences pop up that in hindsight could have been handled better. My goal for this blog is to share insights and hints from my personal experience as well as yours, plus resources you can use to deal with issues that face us as we age in Maine.

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