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Sign Our Petition! We Need to Keep Landline Service in Maine

AARP Maine is committed to helping all Mainers and their families who need or want a reliable landline telephone option.

In Maine, landline telephones are our lifelines. Right now, Fairpoint Communications is demanding to be released from providing landline service to Maine households. Many Mainers would lose their landline service, often because they have no other option. Landlines allow Mainers to update vital medical devices, receive guaranteed emergency response services, and prevent frozen pipes when the furnace quits in winter. Losing landlines is not an option for Maine.

Legislators will begin debating two important bills that would release Fairpoint from providing landline service. In the 2015 legislative session, the Energy and Utilities considered 2 deregulation bills. The committee decided to combine the 2 bills and carry them over for consideration in the 2016 session. Make no mistake: the coming months are vital to this important issue and with your help, could change the outcome of whether Fairpoint is allowed to stop providing landline service to Mainers.

What action should AARP members take:   AARP members should go here or email us at to sign our petition online.  You can also call us at 1-866-554-5380 for a hard copy.

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