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Join us for the White House Conference on Aging

How many events do you know of that come along once every ten years? The U.S. Census. The Grand Canyon fills with fog. And the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA).

These are important events because of their scarcity. The patience of a once-a-decade event doesn't seem to fit in an era of daily or even hourly status updates, tweets and moment-to-moment breaking news. This morning, AARP members, volunteers and staff are gathering to be a part of this decade's White House Conference on Aging, featuring, among others, President Barack Obama, actor David Hyde Pierce, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and AARP's own CEO JoAnn Jenkins.

1961 marked the very first #WHCOA event that AARP founder Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus initiated with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Why is #WHCOA important? Because some of the largest, most impactful public policies and programs have come out of them. Programs like Medicare, Medicaid and the Older Americans Act. The decennial conference also has reshaped how Americans think about life after retirement.

You can watch the live-stream of the WHCOA  here. Or you can come in to AARP's Maine new offices on Baxter Blvd in Portland and enjoy some homemade waffles and watch it with us! Either way, we hope you'll join us to help make certain that the voices of aging Mainers are included in this important event!

The conference will focus on four major issues impacting seniors around America: Retirement Security, Healthy Aging, Long-Term Services and Supports, Elder Justice. Here is a video summary of what the WHCOA is fifty-four years later:[/youtube]

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