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AARP has a long history of working with members and volunteers during election season. Between now and Election Day in November, we're looking for a few key volunteer leaders to help manage our campaigns and elections work in communities around our incredible state.
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As the 2018 legislative session nears, AARP Maine will host a celebration to honor its volunteers—and meet potential new ones—on Thursday, Nov. 2, at the Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell.
By Guest Blogger, Betty Balderston, Maine Legal Services for the Elderly
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Season’s Greetings from AARP Maine,
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Gearing up for the 2017 legislative session, AARP will host an information session on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell.
Speak Out! Volunteer Bureay
On Saturday, February 13th AARP Maine will be hosting an exciting day of information and advocacy! We will be at the Machias Savings Bank in Brewer and invite all our friends, members and volunteers in the Bangor area to join us!
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AARP Maine Releases 2016 Legislative Agenda , Focus on health and financial security for Mainers 50+
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Join AARP Maine for our 2016 State House Deep Dive. Learn more about our top legislative priorities, the many roles of an advocacy volunteer, and help us build our strategic plan to achieve legislative success!
Some of us have retirement investments. Since investing can be complicated and time consuming, many folks have investment advisers. Maybe your adviser manages your retirement 401(k) accounts or your IRA. We want to trust that these advisers are acting in our best interest, that they're not gambling with our future. When someone else is handling your hard-earned savings you have to trust that they're going to be as smart with it as you would be.
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