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By Guest Blogger, Betty Balderston, Maine Legal Services for the Elderly
You’d think it would be simple, but choosing a light bulb can be challenging because there are so many options at the store. This week, Efficiency Maine is providing information on how to choose a bulb and calculate lighting savings if you upgrade to a high-efficiency product.
Helping Mainers with Limited-Incomes Reduce Energy Costs
Quiz Sign Computer Keys
While it may seem like a fun idea to take one of the many Facebook quizzes that pop up on your timeline, be warned it may be a scam. To take the quiz, you enter your information, including your cell phone number. The surprise isn’t the quiz results; it’s the recurring fee on your cell phone bill you unwittingly signed up for. Just say no to Facebook quizzes!
Augusta, Maine, USA
In 2016, we have seen a remarkable surge in the efforts of Maine towns and neighborhoods to advance age-friendly initiatives. About 18% of Maine’s population lives in one of the 24 communities that have joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities. In an age-friendly community, residents benefit from an environment that encourages them to remain active and socially engaged in an enjoyable setting.  By adopting such features as safe, walkable streets, better housing and transportation options and more opportunities for residents to participate in community activities, cities and towns can become great places to live for people of all ages.
Family Caregiving Virtual Fair 2015
AARP is hosting an online fair all about family caregiving. You can participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home computer or the convenience of your mobile device.
Livable Drawing
The newly released Maine Guide to Building Age-Friendly Communities aims to make it easier for cities and towns across the state to meet the needs of an aging population.
Coffee Klatsch Maine
Each month in several communities around Maine, our volunteers and members get together to check-in and figure out ways to begin making an impact in their own communities. Whether it's part of our Livable Communities and Age Friendly work or related to our strong state advocacy campaigns, there's a wealth of opportunities worth plugging into. These coffees are your chance to get connected and hear a bit more about how to help your communities benefit from some of this important work.
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