Drugs for the Elderly

Maine State House
Margie Higgins
We want you to meet Margie Higgins.Margie is a native Mainer, born in Bar Harbor and now living in Bangor. Like more than 30 percent of seniors over 65 in Maine, Margie lives solely off of her once-a-month Social Security check. For her, that's just $1,291 per month. Like many folks here in Maine, Margie has healthcare needs that would normally far exceed her ability to pay out-of-pocket for: heart trouble, blood pressure and osteoporosis which force her to take four different medications every day.Under Gov. Paul LePage's new budget, Margie, and more than 50,000 other Mainers, would lose some or all of their healthcare benefits.
Hospital photo
During this legislative session, AARP Maine is working on a range of issues some of which affect our most vulnerable residents. One issue of real concern to us is about proposed cuts to the Medicare Savings Program and the Drugs for the Elderly Program also known as DEL. Many low-income Mainers are really struggling to make ends meet and it is important to protect these programs that help them stay healthy.
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