Starting next April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will begin issuing Medicare cards that do not display Social Security numbers. New beneficiaries will get the modernized cards first, and then new cards will be issued to existing beneficiaries. This change presents an opening to scammers. If you get a call claiming to be from Medicare asking you to confirm your Social Security number for the new card, this is a scam! It is also a scam if you get a call claiming you have to pay for your new card.  Hang up immediately.
Maine State House
When the legislature convenes in January, AARP will encourage lawmakers to help family caregivers and Mainers living on fixed incomes. AARP Maine is pressing for paid leave for family caregivers and a tax credit for caregiving expenses, as well as fair utility rates, affordable housing, and adequate funding for the Medicare Savings Program and Drugs for the Elderly.
Caregiving Resource Center
AARP Maine is urging state lawmakers to support legislation in 2017 that could ease the burden on family caregivers.
Paul LePage
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 02/03/2015     
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