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Tell your story. Help save Medicare.

While we work on many issues at the state level here in Maine, we also work on national issues. These are the issues that impact all 50+ community members. Right now, a couple of these issues are front-and-center with the transition to a new Presidential administration and Congress. For instance, Medicare.

Sign our petition and tell the President and Congress how important Medicare is to you!

Medicare is a massively successful program and has been for more than fifty years. Yet, proposals from leaders in Congress include significant changes to the way Medicare is funded and operates. These changes include "voucherizing" the program and raising the retirement age from 65 to 67. While we will always advocate to strengthen and protect Medicare, we are fully aware of small tweaks and changes that need to be made to keep the program the well-oiled machine that it is. We're happy to have that debate. The problem is, the current proposals on the table are much more than a "tweak." They're an overhaul and could put millions of older Americans at risk through another complex and costly healthcare shift.

As part of our effort to re-affirm how important Medicare is to Americans all over the country and around Maine, we're asking folks like you to share your story about why Medicare is important to you. Have you been able to afford needed healthcare because of Medicare? What would you have done without it?

Your story matters. Your story is real. Your story changes the debate of Medicare from a bunch of big numbers into real world examples of how successful and important it is. We hope you'll click here and take five minutes to tell your Medicare story today!

P.S. Why does Medicare matter? If you missed our monthly Bulletin piece, read it here.

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