As AARP Maryland’s current State President, Clarence “Tiger” Davis, completes his final term, AARP is thankful for everything he has done.

“Tiger Davis brought a lifetime of grassroots activism and public service to AARP in Maryland six years ago when he became our State President,” said AARP Maryland’s State Director, Hank Greenberg. “He has been a great leader, partner and mentor to me during that time, and I credit him with opening doors for AARP in communities throughout Maryland, raising public awareness around issues effecting the 50+ and their families, and inspiring others to work with AARP particularly among veterans and multi-cultural communities. His impact will be felt for many years to come, and I am so pleased that he will continue to bring AARP with him wherever he goes as an AARP Maryland Ambassador.”

Tiger has made an impact at AARP and beyond. Watch the video below to learn more. We look forward to continuing to work with Tiger in his new volunteer role!