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Jo Ann Jenkins 2016
Washington, DC — AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins made a statement in response to the Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ reports released Tuesday:
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By Melissa Preddy
Jo Ann Jenkins
2018 Cuts to Medicare Would Reduce Access to Health Care
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Chicago, IL—AARP has released the findings of a survey that said a majority of voters ages 50 plus – including most Trump supporters – oppose specific provisions of the bill that make health care more expensive for older Americans. The survey asked about multiple elements of the health care reform bill and also found that an overwhelming majority want action to lower drug costs.
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This has been a busy week for President Donald Trump.  He’s been signing executive orders, holding high-level meetings — and tweeting up a storm.  All of this makes it clear that our 45 th president is eager to deliver quickly on the promises he made during his campaign.
Jo Ann Jenkins
Washington, DC— AARP released the following statement from CEO Jo Ann Jenkins praising Congressional leaders and urging members of the House and Senate to support the bipartisan budget agreement that would reduce skyrocketing Medicare Part B premiums and alleviate the challenges faced by the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund:
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