Medicare Card
WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the federal government undertakes a major initiative to issue new identification cards to the Medicare beneficiaries in Michigan and nationwide, an AARP survey finds that a majority of those enrollees are at risk of being victimized by fraud schemes designed to capitalize on the card replacement program.
health care art
Michiganders oppose the American Health Care Act -- passed last month by the U.S. House -- by a 19-point margin, according to a statewide EPIC/MRA poll.
Public Wi-Fi photo
WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new survey from AARP says busy consumers relying on the convenience of public wireless networks to keep up-to-date on email, social networks, shopping and even their finances often put their sensitive personal information at risk. The AARP Fraud Watch Network today launches a "Watch Your Wi-Fi" campaign to educate Americans about Wi-Fi hazards and how they can protect themselves.  As part of the campaign, AARP has also begun encouraging businesses that maintain free wireless networks for their customers to participate in the educational effort.
Paula D. Cunningham
AARP Michigan will lead a collaborative effort to assess and address the impact of the Flint water crisis on older adults.
Nancy LeaMond
AARP Michigan has released a new election year poll showing that 50+ voters in November elections worry a secure retirement could be out of reach for them. Voters also want to see candidates who focus on improving their financial security, as they believe incomes have not kept up with their cost of living, especially health costs, taxes and retirement security.
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