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New Protections to Prevent Elder Abuse Become Law
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Social Security has long been a vital tool for promoting the well-being of those who can no longer work. It serves as a major source of income for half of the U.S. population aged 65 and older, enabling them to
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Minnesota is only 1 of 7 States that tax Social Security Benefits. Minnesota should follow the lead of most states and Stop Taxing these Benefits.
AARP visits Capitol Hill for State Lobby Day
ST. PAUL – With the 2015 legislative session underway, AARP’s focus will once again be to support Minnesota’s unpaid family caregivers as well as the more than one million people in our state who are struggling to save for retirement.
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Congressional District Leaders will take on a variety of interesting projects in partnership with a fellow co-leader(s) to extend AARP’s network throughout all areas of the state.  We anticipate that Co-Leaders will devote an average of 20 hours a month to this work, although some months will be busier or slower than others.  It is possible for a volunteer to be a Co-Lead while also doing another volunteer position with AARP such as being a Fraud Fighter, Life Reimagined Guide or Driver Safety Instructor.
Longevity Econ
AARP recently released an economic analysis, compiled by Oxford Economics, which sought to quantify the economic impact of American consumers over the age of 50 years of age.  Dubbed the "Longevity Economy" the report looks at the sum of all economic activity serving the needs of Americans over 50 and including both the products and services they purchase directly and the further economic activity this spending generates.
AARP visits Capitol Hill for State Lobby Day
AARP’s priority this session was fighting for legislation that addresses the financial security of the 50+ population.
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ST.PAUL -- AARP Minnesota today unveiled a statewide survey that showed a growing concern over retirement savings in the Gopher State.  The survey engaged 1,000 Minnesotans over the age of 45 and found that 76 percent felt that they have not yet saved enough to retire and 72 percent support the idea of a state created retirement plan for those who lack access at their place of work.
Klobuchar State Fair
Today, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is participating in an AARP forum on the unique financial challenges facing Boomer women.  The forum features Sen. Klobuchar and other leading women Members of Congress as well as business leaders discussing how public, business and individual actions can improve financial security for women.
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