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With the vast majority of older Missourians wanting to remain in their homes and communities as they age, the contribution of family caregivers cannot be overlooked. This silent army is the backbone of elder care in our state, providing unpaid care valued at about $8.9 billion annually. Without the help of family caregivers, too many of our seniors would end up in costly institutions – often paid for by the state, through Medicaid.
Demographic trends suggest that if you aren’t a family caregiver now – you will be someday!
Technology has changed the way we live, learn and work and in the case of telehealth, it’s also saving time and saving lives!
Caregiving, financial resilience, utility rate hikes, and voting rights were top of the ticket issues for the 2016 Missouri General Assembly - and AARP Missouri was in the thick of it all. Whether legislation was voted up or down, AARP Missouri was fighting for members and their families on legislation that matters.
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