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In our ongoing efforts to protect Montanans from fraud and scams, AARP Montana is offering a free consumer protection kit which includes the following:
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Fraud Watch Friday Helps Consumers Steer Clear of Scams and Fraud
Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Scams
Be wary of people pushing products or stocks that promise a cure
Unknown number calling while car driving. Phone call from stranger. Person holding mobile and smartphone in livingroom late. Unexpected call disturbs at car ride.
AARP-backed measure attacks the epidemic of unwanted phone calls
Scam alert ahead concept
Remember -- You cannot win a contest you did not enter and
Computer Crime
New Poll Finds 1 in 4 Americans Often Not Prepared to Face Aggressive Scammers
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Lately, it seems that you can’t go one day without hearing about the tremendous gains (and losses) of Bitcoin and other popular “virtual currencies.” While high returns make them intriguing as an investment, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) wants you to be aware of the possible risks associated with investing or speculating in virtual currencies. Here’s information straight from the CFTC:
Word "Fraud" on dollar bills
AARP Fraud Watch Network Launches Campaign to Help Investors Learn Who Should be Most Alert
Microsoft Survey Finds Two-Thirds of Consumers Have Encountered the Scam
Great Falls Fraud Event
AARP and host of experts conduct “how-to” workshop in Great Falls on staying sharp, spotting scams, avoiding fraud
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