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A new analysis of the Senate’s proposed health care bill shows that older Nebraskans would be forced to pay much higher premiums or go without health insurance coverage.
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Family caregivers in Nebraska provided 182 million hours of care—worth an estimated $2.5 billion—to their parents, spouses, partners, and other adult loved ones in 2013, according to AARP Public Policy Institute’s new report, Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update. The total estimated economic value of uncompensated care provided by the nation’s family caregivers surpassed total Medicaid spending ($449 billion), and nearly equaled the annual sales ($469 billion) of the four largest U.S. tech companies combined (Apple, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Microsoft) in 2013.
LB 875 would limit large premium increases and reimburse consumers
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A new study from the AARP Public Policy Institute calculates that each dollar paid to Social Security beneficiaries in Nebraska generates nearly two dollars in spending by individuals and businesses, adding about $7.2 billion in total economic output to the Nebraska economy – and about $1.4 trillion to the national economy – in 2012. The report also finds the $4.3 billion paid in Social Security benefits in 2012 helped Nebraskans keep or find 51,000 jobs.
AARP CEO A. Barry Rand called for renewed focus on strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in a Jan. 15 speech at the National Press Club. Rand discussed findings from AARP Public Policy Institute’s newly released “Middle Class Security Project,”  which studies how middle class working Americans struggle – and often fail – to build and maintain retirement security.
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