Bob Eppler

Fortunately for thousands of older Nebraskans, more property tax relief is on the way. The Nebraska Legislature approved a measure this session broadening the income eligibility for the homestead exemption.
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AARP volunteer and staff leaders from Nebraska and every other state in the nation visited Capitol Hill today to express opposition to the President’s proposed Social Security benefit cut known as Chained CPI and to support responsible solutions to strengthen Medicare. Meeting with members of Nebraska’s congressional delegation and their staff, AARP Nebraska urged our representatives to have a separate debate on Social Security and to back specific proposals that would strengthen Medicare and the health care system overall.
A new analysis of Census data showing that more Nebraskans are living in poverty shines a spotlight on harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicare now being considered in Washington that could push even more seniors into poverty.
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Watch AARP Nebraska State President Bob Eppler rally the crowd in support of  LB 577, the Medicaid expansion bill.
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