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Understand Your Medicare Benefits & Choices
The decisions you make now could affect what doctors you see, how much you might spend on your health in the future and more. Whether you’re 65 or will be soon, there’s no better time to start exploring your Medicare options.
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Not sure which Medicare plans and options are right for you or a loved one? AARP is here to help connect you to the resources that may make it easier for you to decide what’s right for you.
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Today, in Nebraska more than 300,000 people over 65 and individuals with disabilities are covered by Medicare for their health care.
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Protect Medicare for YouTube video
AARP  has launched a comprehensive campaign to protect Medicare in the face of proposals by some in Congress that would hurt hardworking Nebraskans who have paid into the program their entire working lives.
By Dave Holmquist, State President, AARP Nebraska
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