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AARP Offers Free Presentations on Frauds and Scams

A mysterious scammer hacks into private information through a computer and smart phone.
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New frauds and scams seem to crop up weekly.  Identity theft, investment fraud and scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money.  Every 2 seconds, a con artist steals someone’s identity.  In the last year alone, Americans lost $18 billion of their hard-earned dollars to fraud, identity theft and scams.

That is why AARP New Hampshire has organized a volunteer corps of Fraud Fighters – in most regions of the state – dedicated to educating Granite Staters on the three Rs of fraud:  recognize, resist and report.  And we are offering to bring this one-hour top frauds and scams program to your community group, free of charge.

The frauds and scams educational session is appropriate for any age group, but we find it resonates best with an older audience.  Here’s what’s covered:

  • Fraud trends and behavior – Understanding how much fraud is out there and the behaviors that put you at risk.
  • The con artist’s play book – Understand the strategy and tactics used by con artists to defraud.
  • Prevention – Know and practice the most effective prevention strategies to avoid becoming a victim, recognize the “red flags” and report.
  • Resources – How to access and share up-to-date information about fraud identification and prevention and where to go if you or someone you love has been a victim.

AARP New Hampshire will provide the trained volunteer presenters and handout materials.  Free of charge.

If you are interested in educating member of your community group on how NOT to become a victim of frauds and scams, send us an email at

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