we need to talk
Join us on October 6, 2015 for  We Need to Talk, a program developed to offer tips, guidance, and resources to family members who are planning sensitive conversations with their loved ones regarding safe driving. We Need to Talk is based on information created jointly by The Hartford (Insurance Group) and MITAgeLab.
dr thomas and age of disruption tour
Interested in new ways of thinking about life and its possibilities?  Want to gain new insights into the process we call aging? Then you might want to pay attention to the Age of Disruption Tour 2015 and what it has to offer.  It’s all on April 21 in Manchester when you can shake up everything you think you know about aging!  
Second Wind Tour #1
Please join us for an exciting event that highlights a radical approach to growth and aging.   Tickets are free but registration is required.    
Dick Chevrefils in Sedona
What’s old is new again as Dick Chevrefils, retired from AARP in 2011, recently accepted the volunteer position of AARP New Hampshire State President.  In this role, Chevrefils will lead AARP volunteers, collaborate with state leaders to ensure the achievement of AARP’s strategic goals, and continue to enhance relationships with leaders in business, government and nonprofits to meet the needs of the 50+ and their families.
Senior Leadership 2012 photo 3
New Hampshire is aging and with an increasingly older population come many financial and societal challenges such as long-term care, caregiving, transportation, housing and health care.  Many of these issues will guide the state’s legislative agenda for years to come. 
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