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Elections 2018 #2
In the 2016 Presidential election, 382,606 Granite Staters  over 50+ voted.   In the 2014 mid-term election, 337,472 turned out.  Meet the state’s largest and most reliable voting bloc.  Just over 500,000 people over 50 years old call New Hampshire home, some 230,000 of whom we are honored to call AARP members.  It’s time for this bloc, like prior generations, to begin repairing broken government at the voting booth.
As the price of prescription drugs continues to rise, you might find yourself searching online for more affordable medications. Beware of bogus companies that take your money and never send you the product.  Or worse, they send you a product that could cause you harm.
Medicare Open Enrollment 2014
It’s Medicare Open Enrollment, that one time every year where you can make changes to your Medicare plan. From October 15 to December 7, you can review your health and prescription drug plans for 2015. 
ACA couple
The numbers are in, and they are impressive – New Hampshire residents on Medicare saved $34,646,852 on their prescription drugs in 2013, thanks to the closing of the “donut hole” for prescriptions under the Affordable Care Act – or an average discount per beneficiary of $843.
A little known drug industry tactic to keep generic prescriptions from consumers has come under scrutiny by the US Supreme Court – and a ruling from the highest court in the land is good news for Granite Staters and applauded by AARP. 
Does just thinking about selecting the right Medicare prescription drug plan send you into a panic?  You’re probably not alone as over 100,000 Granite Staters wander through this process every year during Open Enrollment. 
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