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Take A Stand Weekly Standing: Summering with 'The Donald'

We’re over the dual humps of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and many have tuned out of politics to take in the games in Rio. But we at AARP New Hampshire haven’t taken a vacation from Take A Stand!

With the Trump campaign choosing this past week to swing through New England, the Granite State team had a full throttle workload!

On Thursday, a few of us took a ride up north to support our friends at AARP Maine as they made an appearance at Donald Trump’s town hall in Portland.

Summer with the Donald 1
AARP NH’s Tyler Washburn living it up in his native Maine

Thanks to the devoted efforts of our very own Tyler (who brought his own chair and camped out in line outside the hall NINE HOURS before the event started so he could get prime seating,) we had an up-close and personal view of 'The Donald' himself.

Summer with the Donald 2
Donald asking us to give him a low five … ok not really, but we were almost close enough to do it.

While Social Security didn’t make it into the nominee's Portland speech, Tyler had a chance to talk to Trump on the rope line.

Summer with the Donald 3
Tyler and The Donald … sounds like a great title for an 80’s buddy copy movie.

Of course, we couldn’t let AARP Maine have all of the fun. Just a couple days later, the Trump campaign came to our neck of the woods for a rally at Windham High School. And our team was out in full force to work the line, be visible, and pick up signatures on our Take A Stand petitions.

Summer with the Donald 4
Pssst, guys! It’s called Take A STAND! No Kneeling down in the pictures! Sheesh!

Like any presidential event, the grounds were swarming with videographers, photographers, and reporters. Thankfully our media savvy AARP State Director Todd Fahey was on hand to help make strengthening Social Security the prime time story that it deserves to be.

Summer with the Donald 5
Just look at our fearless leader – fearlessly leading. What a pro!

Aside from the press, the well attended event gave us a chance to have some meaningful conversations with Trump supporters who had something to say about Take A Stand. But out of all of them, a 25 year old woman by the name of Jaden stole the show, offering a few poignant words to The Donald on Social Security:

Summer with the Donald 6

Back home in Manchester, the field office was bustling with volunteers who were manning the phones to help spread the word about the campaign.

Summer with the Donald 7
Hello? Is your Senator running? Yes? Then you’d better go catch them! Seriously, catch them and ask them to #TakeAStand to strengthen Social Security.

And amidst all of the excitement, we still found time to relax (sort of,) collect petition signatures, and enjoy a little music in the park at Intown Manchester’s summer concert series.

Summer with the Donald 8
Not only are we dedicated and hardworking, but we also look super fly.

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