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Today marks the first day of National Family Caregivers Month, and we're highlighting two New Yorkers who share their stories about caregiving and New York's Paid Family Leave program.
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Private sector workers in New York who are also family caregivers became eligible for paid family leave as of
Association Joined Gov. Cuomo to Fight for New Law; Now Launching Educational Campaign via Airwaves
PFL 3-31-16
ALBANY, New York – Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel on the paid family leave provision in the 2016-17 State Budget:
Paid family leave 3-1-16
Governor to Address 10K+ AARP Members on Teletown Hall
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Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel:
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Policy Would Help Family Caregivers of Older NYers; AARP Stands Ready to Help Ensure Action This Year
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Proposes Paid Family Leave, Retirement Savings Plan Study, Caregiver Help; More Aid for Caregiver Supports Needed
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Association Praises Senate, Assembly for Plans; Calls for Three-Way Agreement
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